PLA6496 Pairing Issues

Hello All, 
I have 4 PLA6496 units that are having pairing issues all of a sudden, and I am unable to access the web gui on 2 of them. Previously I could see the addresses in my firewall but now they are not even requesting DHCP (which is the first step, I think, to getting to the gui). I have been through the pairing process multiple times and now I have 2 "pairs": 2 of the unit pair with each other and I can get to the gui, and the other 2 pair with each other but do not get any IP. Is there a "hard" reset method for these units?

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    Hi @SimonEng

    You can follow the steps in User Guide Ch2 page11 to reset PLA by press and hold the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds.


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