VLAN not working in my home network

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  • jackjen
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    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to segregate my network at home and have everything vlan'd out but wifi. I cant seem to get that working. I see PVID and allowed VLANs but no way to change it.
    hdo box

    Switch: 2960x
    FW: FortiGate 60E

    Everything else I have is working as it should, just the AP is where I am having issues
  • Zyxel_Richard
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    Hi @jackjen

    Cloud you please let us know how your devices are connected to each other, and what's the AP model you're using? And managed it standalone / another AP Controller / Nebula Cloud mode? This way we can provide a more detail configuration guide for you.

    Talking about VLAN settings, please follow the concepts below:

    1. VLAN 1 should be untagged, generally there's no additional setting needed on Switch/firewall for this.
    2. There's no need to set PVID on the switch port where AP connects to. You just need to configure VLAN ID on the AP, and allow VLAN passing through with tagged out on the switch

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