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Today i switched to the XMG3927 G.Fast Router to leave the ISP Provided Modem behind (Switzerland - Wingo / Swisscom.

My Setup is simple:

WAN - XMG3927 - LAN (With Nextcloud-Server)

WAN Works perfectly and normal routing is fine.
As you can see, i would like to reach my Nextcloud from outside via Port-Forwarding on Port 80 and 443.
(DynDNS is seperate, i'm testing with my public ip)

My Nextcloud is an it works when i access this ip internally.

From outside i can't reach anything.
A portscan to my public ip from outside shows all Ports filtered / closed.

What am i missing here?

Thank for any help!


Port-Forwarding settings for http (https is the same just 443):

Static IP for Nextcloud:

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    It's working now and i have no clue why.

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