Mulitple vpn site-2-site with same subnet

We want to access a remote site with ip and a subnet.  Our local subnet is
I guess we can't use f.ex since that won't cover the network and the only solution is to use 2 separate vpns. 
But when we try to add the second vpn to it say we can't use our as subnet since we already have it specified in our local subnet-policy on our first vpn to the network.

how would we solve this so we can reach both the network on the other site? both site using Nebula 200 USG.

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  • PeterUK
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    Looks like a Nebula limitation I have setup two VPN site 2 site fine between VPN300 and Zywall 110 with same local subnet-policy to two remote subnet-policy

  • Frankiboy
    actually get it working, but the network need to be Vlan.   Lesson= never use the default physical LAN, just create a VLAN right away in all your environments. 

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