need to use WPA password AND macaddress filter on NWA1123ACv3 . is possible?

Hi, a customer policy ask to use for wifi WPA2 password and macaddress filter , in simple way only registered and know device can connect to wifi with also wpa2 password.
Is this possible ? i see around Nebula console but did not found macaddress filtering options.

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  • Zyxel_Richard
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    Hi Sir,

    Nebula can meet your requirements through simply two steps, I'll demonstrate the detail setting page below:

    1. Configure the SSID to use both "MAC authentication" and "WPA2-Personal"

    (Location: Access Point > Configure > SSID Advanced Settings)

    2. Create the Trusted MAC Address in the Cloud Authentication List
    (Location: Site-Wide > Configure > Cloud Authentication > "MAC" tab)

    Please noted that, some devices will use random MAC address to access Wi-Fi (which is different from the system default MAC address), so please disable the random MAC address, or clarify the address used by each device before adding them in the list.

    Best Regards,

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  • marcottt
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    thanks, i made a test with an AP mine and is work perfect. I see the switch "use mac autentication" but the line under "use mac address as username and password"  make me think this will remove wpa2 auth.