[NEBULA] Nebula Professional pack about to expire

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Hey there,

My organization license is about to expire in 27 days and I would like to know how it will be affected. By checking the user guide I got to know the professional service will become the free service.
I checked the service comparison table on your website and saw some limitations.Currently my organization has around 122 entries between user and guest for cloud authentication, what will happen to them? same question for the history data.

Thanks for the help :)

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  • WebberIT
    WebberIT Posts: 52  Ally Member
    I also would like to know this information too, I received the notification as well but I can't find the information of what will be excluded if using the free version. Maybe it's good to have a chart or feature list describing it somewhere on the control center.
  • CrazyTacos
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    I am also interested in finding out the limitations of Nebula(Free).
    I know for a fact that free license limits my administrator list down to 5 accounts.
    I'm also interested in knowing how Nebula cuts down these accounts after license expires...
    Perhaps the newest created accounts are removed first?

  • Nebula_Jason
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    For cloud authentication, the difference is the account with the professional pack can export/import the table of the user data and with no limits on entry(Free license can only create 100 entries).
    Therefore, if you have 122 entries now and the license gets expire, NCC will only enable 100 entries which are created lately until you buy the license again.

    For the history data, the free license can only see the data for the last 7 days when the professional pack can see the data for the last 1 year.
    Note: The data is still on NCC even your license gets expire, so when you buy the license after that, you may see the history for the last 1 year again.

    The picture below is other differences between licenses:
    (Also attach it for you to download)
    Hope it helps.
  • RUnglaube
    RUnglaube Posts: 135  Ally Member
    Hey @Nebula_Jason thanks for the explanation and file. Just some doubts to clarify, "NCC will only enable 100 entries which are created lately" means the other 22 will be disabled right? Or remove?
    And I guess is the same criteria and procedure for admin accounts up to 5, right? 
    Last doubt, if downgrade to Nebula and 22 accounts are disabled, and later I register a license, will the 22 accounts become enable again or still keep 100?

    Thanks, such as great help always! :)
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  • Nebula_Jason
    Nebula_Jason Posts: 268  Zyxel Employee

    You are correct, the other 22 will be disabled until you register a license again, those will back to enable. That is, you will have 122 entries again after you buy the license.
    Also, this criteria is same for the admin account.

    Hope it helps.
  • RUnglaube
    RUnglaube Posts: 135  Ally Member

    Thank you very much :)
    "You will never walk along"
  • FrankIversen
    FrankIversen Posts: 92  Ally Member
    what is the "managed service provider feature set"`?
  • Nebula_Bayardo
    Nebula_Bayardo Posts: 224  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @FrankIversen

    Some features like MSP logo for branding, MSP contact information, etc... The features are not available yet, but they are in our roadmap :)
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