Importing end customer devices as a partner in Circle from myZyxel

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Doing my work correctly, each of my customer have their own myZyxel account, and I am set as their vendor there, meaning they see their device, and I see all my customers devices.

Problem is, you cannot import device that are not yours in Circle.

The "register device" form in Circle do not seem to account the possibility for such scenario either : the partner/vendor part is non existant when registering a device there.

I know some partner just register the appliances to themselves, but from an ethical standpoint it is not a good practice to lock people that way.

Which solution Zyxel has in pipe to resolve that? If none, what are the chances to get a solution in a short/medium delay?

I already contacted my channel representative about it, but apart maybe forwarding my request in hope it gets read, they cannot do much more.

Thank you.

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    Hi @Zulgrib,  

    Thank you for using Circle. 

    For registered On-prem devices in myZyxel, you can import them to Circle. Please refer to Importing Zyxel Devices from Your myZyxel Account in Help Center.  

    For devices with On-cloud mode, you must add them in Nebula. Click the Connect to Nebula icon in Circle to show your On-cloud devices. 

    Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. 

    Thank you!

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    These are on prem device and are not showing in circle import list (but correctly shows in myZyxel).

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