Add sub-users management to Circle for Zyxel partners

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Currently, Circle is monouser, meaning partners having multiple people managing Zyxel Sales have to resort to password sharing, TOTP device sharing and impossibility to account for who did what in logs.

What are the future plans to allows proper multi-user management of a business Zyxel account?

Random example, your distributors, including world wide IngramMicro, support sub-accounts and logging which user did what on their account.

I do not wish to give full access to employee to write as me in forums, to place order as they were me etc, but they need a way to be able to renew the licence when i'm somewhere else and be accountable if they renewed the wrong appliance.

Thank you.

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    Hi @Zulgrib,  

    Sorry for inconvenience caused.  

    Multi-user is one of our coming features, which is still in planning phase. 

    Please kindly share your thought for this feature through “Give Feedback” in Circle. Your valuable feedback is very welcomed and well appreciated. We will considerate them when designing. 

    Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. 

    Thank you!

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