USG40 two factor authentication with Google Authenticator

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I have a USG40, FW Version is 4.70.
I have two factor authentication for admin access enabled using google authenticator.

I want to do the same for vpn users, so I followed this guide:
The problem is that when I enable 2FA for a non-admin user, I only have SMS and Email as second factors.

In Object->Auth Method->VPN Access delivery settings it is the same: only SMS and Email are available in the delivery settings.  

Question: is it possible to use two factor authentication with Google Authenticator for VPN Access on a USG40?


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    2FA VPN access using Google Authenticator is supported in firmware 5.20 C0 and later versions. (USG FLEX/ATP/VPN series)
    USG40 doesn't support Google Authenticator 2FA authentication for VPN access. Only SMS and Email are supported.


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    Forced update to a USG FLEX 100 (USG 40 v2)...

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