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It list NSG firmware V1.20 through V1.33 Patch 4 as needing to be patched.

The firmware I see listed within Nebula for our NSG models is V1.33(ABEA.4). Is this the same as 1.33 Patch 4?

If so, when will these patches be in Nebula?

Edit: I see the date listed in the post now, 
Standard patch V1.33 Patch 5 in May 2022

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    Hi @SLMark1,

    Yes, V1.33(ABEA.4) is 1.33 patch4.
    We have release a hotfix firmware and we will help to upgrade your NSG.
    May you provide your organization, enable Zyxel support, and the time we can help to upgrade?

    Zyxel Melen

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