Armor G5 5Ghz wifi issue

Hi all,

My Armor G5 is configured in bridge mode and connected via 2.5Gig cable to my ISP's box (which allow "indecent" speed such as 5GB/s). I always use separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5GHz modes.

When using 5Ghz mode I've got the following results depending on activated following options (all scenarios use 160 channel width).
 - OFDMA activated, MU/MIMO disabled  : 1200+ mbps speed, 3ms ping (pretty good)
 - OFDMA disabled , MU/MIMO activated : 1350+ mbps speed, 3ms ping (pretty good)
 - OFDMA activated , MU/MIMO activated : 120- mbps speed , 90+ ms ping (ouch..)

Mentionned results using a laptop (asus ux482ea) with intel AX200

So there is an issue with both OFDMA and MU/MIMO enabled.
Surprisingly, my iphone 12 PRO gets good transfer rates and ping latency for all scenarii.

Changing channels do not affect things in any manner.
Additionnaly, I noticed disabling/re-enabling my laptop's Wifi makes OFDMA-MU/MIMO scenario work properly for 5-10 s only before performance drops.

Both MU/MIMO and OFDMA activated for 2.4Ghz also show stable results when connecting to the 2.4 AP. So problem affects 5GHz mode only.

Would someone have an idea about what's going on, I'd be pleased to read about that.

Thanks folks for your ideas.

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    Hi @ Kermito

    We check with the AX201with both MU MIMO and OFDMA activated, it works normally.

    You can check the wifi network card settings on your laptop.

    1.Open the Control Panel.

    2. Set View by to Category.

    3.Click Network and Internet.

    4.Click Network and Sharing Center.

    5.On the left pane, click Change adapter settings.

    6.Right-click the wireless adapter and click Properties.

    7.Click the Advanced tab to configure the advanced settings.

    You can check the transmit power and the wifi mode on your wifi adapter

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