VMG3625-T50B unidentified upload limit problem

Hey everyone! I have a Zyxel VMG3625 Router and unfortunately I have an unidentified upload limit somewhere in the firmware.

Whenever I upload something to MEGA, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Youtube the limit is capped at 1MB/s. It doesn't matter whether I use Windows PC, a Macbook, a tablet, a phone. It is all the same. My Tx value is 8191(Kbps). When I use OBS Studio for video streaming, I get consistent upload rates like 6500Kbps. But when it comes to file upload, it is capped at 1MB/s.

I know the culprit is the router because when I use the data package of my phone the upload goes to 3-4MB/s in these services (which is the normal rate for my neighborhood). So it is not OS related, not computer related. My Macbook is in wi-fi, My PC case is connected to a TP-Link Powerline, which is connected through LAN port of my Router. So it is not a wired/wireless problem. It is not a device problem, my iPad has the same rates as my computers. Somewhere in the menus there should be a setting but I cannot find it.

-QoS is disabled. I never set it.

-There are no limits to my wi-fi networks.

- All my IP settings are automated. Nothing manual. 

- If there is a device priority list, I couldn't find it and I am sure that I never set it.

No matter what I try, I couldnt solve it. So any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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