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I have just started using the Zyxel access points at the min. I have 6 APs setup fine, 4 or wired in and 2 are via the mesh setup.

However I'm struggling to add my last 2 APs. I'm doing the same steps to add them, both are showing in the Nebula control centre, but both are also saying they are offline with "not up to date" error.

These two units didn't do a normal firmware uupdate that they other 6 did. But I can't seem to update these on the control centre as the update is greyed out. Unsure how to update them outside the control centre. 

Also I've had the units plugged in for the last 12 hours as read sometimes it can not update if the main zyxel server is offline. 

Any ideas?

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    Hi Sitchey,

    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    1. Because the APs status are off-line, so you got the error "not up to date"

    2. Now we are going to focus on APs status and clarify why it off-line on Nebula.
    Please help to download ZON utility.
    After you install the ZON utility, please connect your PC in the same broadcast domain with the APs.
    Then you can get the AP information like IP address, model and FW information.

    3. If you confirm the APs got IPs successfully, you can login the IP address of each APs, then you can see the Cloud Control status, you can easy to check the fail reson.

    Thank you.
    BR, Dick

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