Default login not working or unexpected WiFi SSIDs broadcasting

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If you registered and added device into the Nebula site, the device transfers from standalone to Nebula cloud managed mode and gets online successfully, the default password changes to the side-wide device password setting on Nebula.

The location is at Configure > Site settings > Device configuration > Local credentials > Password

If you acquired the device from online flea market or online shop and encountered following symptoms while unboxing the device, your device may have been registered on nebula control center.

1.         Login failure with default password even trying to the factory default via reset button.

2.         The Device broadcasts unexpected SSIDs.


Please install Nebula Mobile app and use the app to scan the QR code on the device back label to retrieve the device access privilege.

The tutorial video is available here. ( )


If you would like to use standalone mode, please proceed the above procedure to retrieve the privilege first then unregister the device on nebula control center, the local web console has reverted to normal for full access.