VPN clients cannot see each other

martin88 Posts: 2
I have a security gateway (NSG100) configured as L2TP VPN server.
Client VPN subnet is

There are two VPN clients:

VPN client 1 -
VPN client 2 -

Everything is working great except one thing. My VPN clients can't ping (trace, ssh, ...) each other.

Do I need some additional configuration?

Thank you.

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  • PeterUK
    PeterUK Posts: 1,342  Guru Member
    edited April 28
    Maybe you need a firewall zone rule for from L2TP VPN to L2TP VPN
  • Zyxel_Chris
    Zyxel_Chris Posts: 497  Zyxel Employee
    Did you configure any security policy or routing policy? Since the NSG default setting does not block the L2TP traffic to each other.

    Can you confirm if the client firewall blocks it.
  • martin88
    martin88 Posts: 2
    I didn't configure any security policy or policy route.

    I disabled client's firewall. Ping from internal LAN is working but still not between VPN clients.

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