ZYXEL - public certificate out of date

ChrisGer Posts: 201  Ally Member
edited April 14 in Service & License
Dear ZYXEL Team,
I found another certificate issue at the pubic web at ZYXEL ;)
Certificate validity expired in February 2018 :/

I would recommend to include the new wildcart certificate from ZYXEL here as well. ;)



  • Zyxel_Cooldia
    Zyxel_Cooldia Posts: 698  Zyxel Employee
    edited June 2018
    Hi @ChrisGer,
    Thanks for notify us the certificate has expired. 
    We are currently handling it internally. Will update everyone once it is completed.

  • Zyxel_Cooldia
    Zyxel_Cooldia Posts: 698  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @ChrisGer,
    The CF report sever certificate has been renewed.
    Thanks for notify us.
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