WPA Enterprise WiFi: certificate error while fetching mails from office365

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Email cannot be retrieved from Office365 via WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise due to a certificate error. Client is iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 15.4.1

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    Did you pass the two factor authentication first, but still see the error message?

    From the screenshot, the certificate comes from the USG flex 200, not from the AP. So it seems the traffic is intercepted by the firewall.

    Is there a usgflex200 in your network? Did you set the web authentication or some function that will block the traffic towards the internet?

    You can try to disable those functions, and then the traffic towards office365 network won’t be blocked.
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    Hi @Greenlight,

    yes i’ve a USG Flex 200 as firewall/router. l‘ve activated nebula cloud authentication sign-on for vlan to restrict also access by rj45 cable. I will try to deactivate this, but how i can restrict lan and wifi at the same time?


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