Site2Site WiFi in Nebula with Shared SSID and VLAN

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we've to buildings (family 1, family 2) in 2 sites in one organisation in nebula. We want a shared SSID for WiFi and a Site2Site WiFi connection if possible. The buildings are about 200m away from each other. Is this also possible for Site2Site Connections? 

What is the best way to connect both buildings and create a common SSID and network (shared vlan) (without having a VPN Site2Site connection?).

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    Hi, @baba



    Thanks for consulting Nebula support!


    We have received your request, according to your description,

    It seems that both of your two families have their own subnet and gateway to access the Internet (2 separated APs are online in Nebula), and you plan to use APs from different buildings for setting up Smart Mesh.


    There may be some information we need:

    To confirm your requirement, is that clients who are connected to this SSID only could access stations that are connected to this SSID?

    Or it is necessary that clients connect to this SSID can access another family’s subnet?

    Hope you could kindly help us to provide more information about your scenario.



    To set up Smart Mesh in Nebula, APs need to be managed on the same site, or APs could not connect with each other.

    Thus, for both of the two scenarios that I mentioned, you will need to manage them together on the same site.


    If I have something misunderstanding with your requirement, please do not hesitate to correct me.


    Have a nice day, Thank you!


    Best Regards,