VLAN and WiFi/SSID Nebula authentication at the same time


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    Hi baba,

    Just like I mentioned, the captive portal function on firewall prohibit unauthenticated devices from ‘accessing the Internet’, however they can still get IP address. (Just think each need an IP address to see the web page, and even send credential for authentication)

    Meanwhile WPA3-enterprise is authenticate users from accessing the Wi-Fi network, so if devices type wrong username/password, they can’t even connect to network and get IP address.

    Both technology are different in the approach, but they both provide the access control to your network. So users can set them up based on their need. The most general condition is: if you want to control both wired and wireless traffic, let firewall intercept the traffic; if you just want to control Wi-Finaccess, then use WPA3-Enterprise.

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