2 WAX510 building Mesh Network

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i have successfully build a Mesh network with 2 WAX510.
The question is where to see the information in Nebula how they are connected.
Is there an easy way to see this information, which band is used and other stuff?

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    Hi, @Wolfgang


    Thanks for consulting Nebula support!

    According to your description, 

    If you have our Pro-pack license, you can see the topology of your network from the below path, which includes how the root AP and the repeater AP connect together.


    PATH: Site-wide >> Monitor >> topology



    If you are a base pack user, you may not see the topology but you can still check your root AP and repeater AP info from the path below

    PATH: Access point >> Monitor >> Access point


    Root AP (Green Solid icon)

    Repeater AP (Green Hollow icon) 

    There would be AP information for your requirement from the path (Access point >> Monitor >> Access point), you can see more detailed information by clicking the AP from the AP list.


    Hope the answer would solve your problem.

    Have a nice day, Thank you!


    Best Regards,



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