Nebula WiFi Guest Network has no Internet

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i've a guest vlan22 and a ssid associated with vlan22. However, when I enable Layer 2 isolation, no client has access to the Internet, even if I enter my MAC address of the USG Flex 200 in the Layer 2 isolation list.

When I turn off Layer2 isolation, everything works normally. What am I doing wrong? I have 2 Zyxel NWA110AX Access Points and a USG Flex 200 as router/firewall in nebula.

//EDIT: Between access points and usg flex 200 is a HP 1820-48G Switch J9981A. Adding the mac address of the switch does not fix it.

//EDIT2: No security policy rules are set.


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    Probably the MAC you entered isn’t the actual gateway MAC address of the vlan22.

    you can try to type “arp -a” on the cmd of the windows laptop, then check what’s the actual MAC of its gateway, and type it in list.

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    Thank you @Greenlight that fixed it! All vlans have the same mac address, but it is different from the device mac address.

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