FLEX 700: update to 5.30 and SSL VPN disconnecting problem


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  • pka
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    Secuextender is 4.0.4 on Windows 10 21H2.

    I sent the logs by private message.

    You can try to reproduce the problem on your test environment by connecting a SSL VPN session and not initiating any traffic over the tunnel.  It disconnects by itself in a couple of minutes.

  • Zyxel_Jeff
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    Hi @pka

    Please update USG Flex 700 to our latest 5.30 WK20 firmware, please refer to the below link to download it:
    ZLD V5.30 WK20 Firmware release
    The 5.30 WK20 firmware already fixed SSL VPN connection disconnect issue.

  • MSA
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    Hi all.
    ZyWall 110 has the same problem after upgrade to 4.72 firmware.

  • CHS
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  • Serbian
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    pka said:
    After updating to 5.30, our SSL VPN connections are disconnected if there is no traffic over the VPN tunnel for a couple of minutes.

    This means users are disconnected if they do some work outside the VPN tunnel, or take a short break. kohi test omegle

    The VPN connection stays open fine if we ping a host on the internal network every few seconds so there is traffic over the tunnel.

    Has this problem been identified already?  How can we fix this?

    I've never overstated it here, but I do try to set it to 60 minutes and see what it does.
    Age is still deciding

    However, if a client is borrowed via DHCP for 2 minutes, something happens, but I suppose it's no better than pinging the VPN to keep it alive

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