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I installed 3 new NWA50AX in a new site and all work fine.
I would limit access on a specific SSID , based on device mac address but I don't undersand how can I do ??
Thank you for support

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  • ITGS
    ITGS Posts: 2
    Thank you for reply.
    Unfortunately I can't enable mac authentication. Option is grayed out.
    I think that NWA50AX don't support this feature... 
    If this is the reason, I'm very surprise because it's a standard feature and is very limiting.
    If I knew this, I did not buy this AP
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    in Standalone you should have mac address filtering for that model not sure why you can't in NEBULA 
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    @ITGS @PeterUK

    Thanks for your reply. Sorry for not noticing this.NWA50AX isn't supported MAC Authentication.

    You can find this information with the path.HELP>DEVICE FUNCTION TABLE>SB Access Point

    Nebula has the same mechanism as Mac address filtering, which you can set up using the second hyperlink from the previous article.

    “You also use this FAQ

    [NEBULA] How to add policy rules for clients?

    Select "to specific SSID" and manage your device allow or block. “

    If you have any question,please reply me.
    thank you


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