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I got a mail when registering to Nebula and there was information that I'd need some license?
I registered my access points and so far all works fine but I'm not sure about these licenses.
Thanks for clarification


  • RUnglaube
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    What type of device you have?  Some devices as NAP come with license included. The hybrid ones do not have license.
    Anyway, there's a license-free version now that you can use, obviously they put some limitations but it's still good!

    Looking at my emails, I guess you mean this:
    To manage and renew your licenses, please access Nebula Control Center for details. Please contact your reseller or Zyxel’s local agent for license purchases. If you cannot locate an agent near you, please contact Zyxel’s local support.
    If so, it's just a general message in case the license expires I think...
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  • Jaro
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    Thanks, though I still do not understand what license do you mean?
  • RUnglaube
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    NCC needs a license to work in professional pack. Check this out....https://businessforum.zyxel.com/discussion/1302/nebula-professional-pack-about-to-expire#latest
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  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hi @Jaro

    Glad to see you are getting to know Nebula :)
    I want to take this opportunity to give you more details here.
    Currently, There 2 types of Nebula organizations:
    1. Nebula Profession Pack: this is an organization that has NCC license activated.
    2. Nebula (free): this is an organization that can work without a license. You will see this banner on top and the upgrade icon for features that are paid (available in the Professional Pack only).
    For more details about the feature differences, please check this table.

    Based on the other post, seems like you are using an NWA1123 which doesn't have license bundled as our NAP series devices do. Therefore, you will be using the Nebula free version and you can perfectly continue using the Nebula free version without a license, as long as the limited features still fit your needs. 
    Or you can always upgrade to Nebula Professional Pack by purchasing and register a Nebula Control Center license key :)

    Last but not least, we will review the email content for NWA1123 series devices, to avoid confusion.
    Thanks for pointing it out :D  
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