[News] Check out what’s new in Nebula Phase 4 release!

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Dear Nebula fellows,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released some new stuff of Nebula today, June 25. First things first, you may have already noticed the new AP Dashboard, which is for helping you to monitor your wireless networks all at a glance. WiFi usage, clients, traffics… are all under your control easily, clearly. For security users, yes, we got what you need. We’re offering two security services, Content Filtering and Anti-virus, to NSG users. They’re coming along with IDP and Application Patrol as Nebula Security Pack for both current and new users to better secure your network.

Take a look on the new enhancements we just released =) 

1. AP dashboard- monitors your wireless networks at a glance.

2. Nebula Security Pack- IDP and Application Patrol, Content Filtering and Anti-virus are all included.

3. Support auto VPN Failover to continue forwarding packets if an outage occurs on the prefer uplink.

4. Policy route settings support with better control of the Internet, VPN or Intranet traffic.

5. Support monitoring of VPN traffic usage statistics per tunnel.

6. New traffic charts of VPN usage by WAN interface on gateway summary report.


Along with the NCC upgrade, Nebula Access Points (NAP, Hybrid AP series) and Nebula Security Gateway (NSG) will have a new firmware available, which is necessary for running new features. Any setting under “Follow upgrade time” which, by default, is set to Sunday 12:00 am, i.e. 1st July, following the local time zone configured at your site. You can change the settings of your upgrade time to another day and hour. Moreover, you can use the option “Schedule the upgrade to” to delay the update to a desired date within a month later from the time you configured it, or select “Perform the upgrade now” option to enjoy the new features right away.

Please refer to the Nebula P4 Release Note for more detail
Nebula Control Center (NCC)
Nebula Access Point (NAP)
Nebula Security Gateway (NSG)

Nebula Team

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