[Release Note] Nebula Security Gateway Series - Patch 5 firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway Series 

Release Note

June, 2022

Firmware Version on all models

Zyxel NSG50 - V1.33(ABHP.5)

Zyxel NSG100 - V1.33(ABEA.5)

Zyxel NSG200 - V1.33(ABLD.5)

Zyxel NSG300 - V1.33(ABOS.5)


1. [BUGFIX] ITS#201100177


It's unable to add new VLAN interface with static DHCP settings, GUI will display an error message "MAC none is duplicate".


There are more than two incomplete setting of static IP dhcp pool object in the configuration file.

Reproduce Steps:
1. Add this static DHCP host on LAN1 (host, MAC-address AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF).
2. Add this static DHCP host on VLAN100 (host, MAC-address AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF), shows conflict error message is normal.
3. Add a static DHCP host on VLAN101 (host, MAC-address AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF), shows conflict error message is normal.
4. Add a static DHCP host on VLAN101 (host, MAC-address B2:00:00:00:00:1A), GUI will shows "MAC none is duplicate".


2. [BUGFIX] ITS#201101573


Client can log in captive portal even if the password is incorrect.


3. [BUGFIX] ITS#210100693


VLAN interface fails to delete when content filtering was enabled to the specific VLAN.


1. Add interface vlan5, enable content filter, and save.

2. Disable vlan5 content filter and save.

3. Delete interface vlan5 will fail.


4. [BUGFIX] ITS#210400025


NTP UTC+8 time zone is not synchronizing correctly when device goes offline after a period of time.


5. [BUGFIX] ITS#210500264


Client cannot connect to L2TP VPN when the radius server secret contains a character [*].


6. [BUGFIX]ITS#210800236


Doesn’t keep the DHCP lease table after NSG performed a reboot, causing previous clients cannot get an IP address immediately.


7. [BUGFIX] ITS#210801079, 210800310


Slow throughput experience.


Nebula security service is already expired, but the device security service still activated causing a slow throughput.


8. [BUGFIX] ITS#210900555


Security gateway page information cannot be displayed appropriately.


9. [BUGFIX] ITS#210901331


Captive Portal needs to re-authenticate everyday even the re-authentication time is "Every 30 days".


10. [BUGFIX] ITS#211000914


NSG’s WAN interface could learn LAN interface ARP packets.


11. Common vulnerabilities and Exposures:

V1.33 Patch 5 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE References:

· CVE-2019-9955

· CVE-2020-1971

· CVE-2020-29299

· CVE-2022-0342

· CVE-2022-26531

· CVE-2022-26532

· CVE-2022-0778