VLAN 333 as native vlan/ lan1 with SSID

baba Posts: 47  Freshman Member

i want to use vlan id 333 as native vlan. All ports in switch (HP 1820-48G Switch J9981A) are untagged in vlan333. The gateway zyxel flex 200 has a lan1 interface with no vlan tag and is correctly
connected to vlan333 because the usg port ist untagged in vlan333.

Now i want to open a ssid with a zyxel nwa110ax for lan1 (vlan333). the nwa110ax is also untagged in vlan333 at switch. In nebula the pvid is set to 333, but i have to insert a vlan id in ssid settings.

How can i add a ssid for my native vlan / lan1 without a vlan tag?


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  • Zyxel_Jeff
    Zyxel_Jeff Posts: 289  Zyxel Employee

    Can you share the network topology diagram to us? That can help us understand your situation. BTW, if you need us to check the Nebula configuration, you can enable "Invite Zyxel support as administrator"(as below steps) and tell us your Nebula org and site name to us via private message, thanks.

    To navigate to "Help: -> "Support request" 

     To enable "Invite Zyxel support as administrator".

  • baba
    baba Posts: 47  Freshman Member
    Hi @Zyxel_Jeff,

    sure :-)


    Zyxel USG Flex 200

    HP 1820-48G Switch J9981A
    TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v1 with OpenWRT 19.07

    Access Point:
    Zyxel NWA110AX


  • Zyxel_Jeff
    Zyxel_Jeff Posts: 289  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @baba

    Below is your current topology:

    If you want to change to the below topology:

    Please configure switches that just forward packets between NWA 110AX APs and USG Flex200 without VLAN tags then set the VLALN ID 1 on the Zyxel NWA 110AX APs, as below:


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