XS1930-10 as a L3 WAN Router?

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The XS1930-10 seems to have the full capabilities of a L2 and L3 router, it even has a DHCP relay.  However, I cannot figure out how to configure a port as NAT and route accordingly.  Is there a basic guide to setting this up properly for one port to act as an IPV4 NAT to a specific VLAN ?

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    NAT is done by a router a switch can't NAT many MAC's for a LAN to go out a given WAN IP by a given MAC.

    If you make your client have the same MAC (and ideally the same the DHCP requests) you can (works on my GS2210) use VLAN to make the switch like a hub and not conflict their being the same MAC this does mean the clients are isolated.   
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    Hi @beadon,

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    As @PeterUK states that please configure your NAT on a router or a modem for your devices.