[Notification] NWA50AX, NWA90AX, NWA55AXE Smart Mesh Station can't get IP Issue

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Issue Description:

When a user activates Smart Mesh, stations that connect to the AP may not get the IP address.

Scenario 1.

When activating Smart Mesh in Nebula, Repeater AP has connected to Root AP, then clients can't get IP addresses under both Root AP and Repeater AP.


Scenario 2.

When activating Smart Mesh in Nebula, clients may be unable to get IP addresses even though there is no Repeater AP connected.  


Affected Scope:


Models:  NWA50AX, NWA90AX ,NWA55AXE

Firmware version: Any 


     The symptom could be 100% reproduced with specific devices, 

     If users have been using mesh in their current environments and work normally,

     They are immune to the issue.



1. Deactivate Smart Mesh if customers do not use the feature.

2. Hot-fix date firmware is available, please raise the ticket to HQ CSO.

3. Official patch firmware release expected within 2 weeks.


Thank you.