How to turn off the AP SSH access when AP is managed by AP Controller

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Since when AP is managed by AP Controller, users would be unable to turn off the feature of SSH from the AP GUI page.

If users have the requirement to close AP SSH access for security considerations.

Please follow the steps below:

1. SSH into your AP Controller. (Login with your admin account)

2. Type in the command: "debug remoteWTP AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF"

(Please replace with the MAC Address of the AP that you want to turn its SSH access off, if you don't know the mac address of the AP is, refer to the info at the bottom of this page)

3. Type in the command: "configure terminal"

4. Type in the command: "no ip ssh server"

If you finish the commands, then users could not use SSH to access the AP.


How to re-activate the SSH access of the AP managed by the Controller?

Just follow Step 1 to Step 3, and replace the Step 4 with the command “ip ssh server

Then the AP SSH access will be back.

How to get the AP’s MAC Address?

1. ZON Scan (ZON Utility Zyxel ONE Network Utility | Zyxel)

2. Noted on the sticker behind the back of the AP.

3. Log in Controller’s GUI and find the AP’s MAC address

Controller GUI >> Sidebar CONFIGURATION >> Wireless >> AP Management

What can go wrong?

The AP you want to modify the SSH settings needs to be online,
Thus, please make sure the AP status is shown with the Green icon in Controller.