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We usually block all continents except North America, I do not see Continents as a option in nebula just a long list of countries, it looks like you can only add 10 countries at a time. 
What is the best way to go about Geo-ip blocking with Nebula?   

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    Hello @pcservice,
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    I suggest to have a positive list instead of a negative list.
    For example, if you have a virtual server on the local network, and you would like to only accept the IP addresses from North America to access it. You will need two rules.
    One is allow source: USA, Canada..., and another is block source: any. Please note that allow rule should has higher priority then the block rule.

    - IP addresses from North America will match the first rule and be allowed to access.
    - IP addresses from another continents will match the second rule and be blocked to access.


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