Zyxel NAP353 showing update available but not updating

Getting this error when trying to update NAP353 devices via Nebula portal.

"Failed to download the firmware : URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL"

I am able to update the Flex700 through Nebula portal. Current NAP353 version is showing as V6.25(ABEY.2). What is going on? How can I update manually?

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  • It has finally updated. Had to reboot the Flex700 three times before it worked. This should not have to occur.
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    We're glad your problem has been resolved. According to our past experience, the reasons for seeing such a LOG include:
    1. Your AP can't connect to Nebula Firmware Server.
    2. DNS Server can't analyze the Nebula Firmware Server.
    3. Other network issues
    Since the AP has successfully updated the F/W, it means that the current network environment can operate normally. If the problem occurs again later; please open support to us again, we will enter your site to check it as soon as possible, and help you clarify and solve the problem.

    Or you can refer to this article to manually upgrade your AP 
    Please check your password on your Nebula.(Side-wide>Configure>General Settings>password)
    And the latest firmware version can download from Zyxel.com.



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