Zyxel NWA55AXE and ZTE MC801A

swichkil Posts: 2

I one AP conected via LAN to the 5G Router and one AP linked over WLAN.
Unfortunately both AP`s shown as offline in Nebula APP und on the Nebula website.
WLAN and Internetconnection for the clients are working properly.

With a second 5g Router (Huawei CPE2 Pro) it`s working properly.

Port Forwarding (4335/6667/443/123) has been configured, but this seems to to solve the issue.

Any other ideas?
Thank you!

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  • Zyxel_HsinBo
    Zyxel_HsinBo Posts: 79  Zyxel Employee

    Hi, @swichkil


    Thanks for consulting Nebula Support!

    We have checked the two NWA55AXE managed on your site.

    Both the two AP are online now,

    The Nebula services use some ports that need to allow in your firewall rule settings.

    Please refer to the Path below for detailed information:


    PATH: Left sidebar “Help” >> Firewall information


    If there is another assistance that we could help with, feel free to contact us!

    Have a nice day,

    Thank you!


    Best Regards,



  • swichkil
    swichkil Posts: 2
    Many thanks for your prompt reply. I switched back to Huawei router in the meantime, thereof Status of APs is green again. Now I switched back to ZTE router. Could you please check the Status again?
    Thank you 
  • Zyxel_HsinBo
    Zyxel_HsinBo Posts: 79  Zyxel Employee

    Good day.
    May we know the symptom when the AP is wired behind the ZTE router?
    For example, the clients connected to AP could access the Internet but the AP show offline in Nebula,
    The clients couldn’t access the Internet when connecting to the AP, or there are other symptoms?

    Since AP wired behind the Huawei device could access Nebula normally,
    Please check your ZTE router firewall rule settings by referring to the firewall rule information from the early post.

    If they are still offline in Nebula after you have done the check and set up with the right settings and you could access the intranet IP address, please help us to access the intranet IP and login in with the admin account.
    (admin/ password please go to the page with the path in Nebula: Left sidebar “Site-wide” >> General settings >> Device configuration then you’ll see)

    After you login into the AP local GUI, please go to sidebar MAINTENANCE >> Diagnostics, and click “Collect Now”.

    The collecting process is about 15 minutes, when the progress is finished, please download the file and send it to us(Private Message to my account).
    And help us to turn on Zyxel Support Access in Nebula from the below path:

    PATH: Left sidebar "Help" >> Support request >> Turn on "Invite Zyxel Support as administrator" >> click "save" to modify the setting.

    We’ll look into the symptom as soon as possible.

    If there is another assistance that we could help with, feel free to contact us.
    Thank you!

    Best Regards,


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