How to set up Guest access to the network on Standalone mode

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Guest network can be applied in a public network where most devices connect to the same SSID, to make sure network security and prohibit the devices for accessing each other.


* Note:Please replace the example below with your actual profile. This example was viewed using NWA210X (Firmware Version: V6.30(ABTD.3)).


There are two functions can be used in a guest network: Intra-BSS Blocking and Layer2 Isolation.


Intra-BSS Traffic blocking: By enabling in this feature, we can prohibit the devices that connecting to the same SSID from accessing each other.


Layer-2 Isolation: Layer 2 isolation will only allow the traffic of whitelisted destination MAC addresses. In this case, if we configure L2 isolation and limit the traffic of Guest SSID, the traffic outgoing from Guest SSID will not be able to pass through.

**Note: L2 isolation only applies to SSIDs under the same subnet, if SSIDs have different LAN subnets it is up to the switch or gateway to block traffic with ACL or firewall rules.


There are guide shows how to set up Guest access to the network on Standalone mode.


1.    Open the Configuration >> Object >> AP profile >> SSID

Click the "Add" to create a new SSID-Profile or choose the SSID to edit.

2.    Enable Intra-BSS Traffic blocking.

3.    Configure Layer-2 Isolation Profile.

3.1 Click the "Add" to create a new Layer-2 Isolation Profile

3.2  Configure profile according to your demands. Click the "Add" to add Gateway MAC and allowed devices MAC.

• If there are other devices in the network that should be allowed to connect, simply press "Add" to create a new entry and enter the MAC of the device.


***  Intra-BSS Traffic Blocking is enable automatically with Layer-2 Isolation.


Click this link to start: