Max Clients 32???

I have EX3301 router but now see there is a limit of 32 clients on the network. This is not helpful does anyone know if this can be extended? This negates my 'smart home' as most of my devices do not now work!!!

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  • I think it's 32 per SSID, so not ideal but you could separate your 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels and you'd be able to have 64.
    Also it's recommended that IOT (smart) devices are put on a guest network anyway, so in theory you could have 128 devices (2.4G and 5G regular network + same on guest network).
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I have now worked that out. No-one told me that when I got the router despite saying I needed ~100 devices. There are extenders but I can only use when wired as I have to switch MESH off. A number of my smart devices, LED lamps, TRVs and the like only work on 2.4GHz so I cannot move around and risk a 5GHz connection. The extenders only work when MESH is active. I am having to use third party extenders but they use different SSIDs. All rather complicated but I am looking at other routers that allow more devices, not found one yet though. Appreciate your time and comments, thanks a lot.

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