EX3301-T0 Can't login second time.

I was trying to log in to my EX3301-T0 but it's telling me wrong username or locked.

When I reset the router it works fine the first time I log in. The second time I have to login to the router it gives me the error;
 "The username or password is not correct or locked."

It doesn't matter if I give it a new password or not after the initial login, keeps on giving me the error.

Always gain access first login after reset but denies me after second login.

Any ideas?

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  • Liba
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    Hi Toffe,
    It's looks weird. If EX3301-T0 was provided by ISP, I suggest to contact the ISP to ask this behavior.
  • Toffe
    Toffe Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply!
    Yes, it was provided to me by my ISP. I never actually called them, I kind off did a workaround that fixed it.
    When I hard reset my router, I logged in as usual but this time I created another Administrator account. This way when I logged out or were automatically out logged, I could access the router on the new account I just created.

    I guess we could mark this as solved but I should probably contact my ISP about it, seems like a software or hardware issue.

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