How to check the device status on NBG7510 by using Rover APP

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With the Rover APP, you can easily manage your WiFi network.

Rover APP also help you to access the GUI of NBG7510 directly from your mobile.

The Rover APP can only check the status when the mobile is connected to NBG7510’s Wi-Fi.




How to find your device on the Rover APP

1. Join the Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code on the back label

2.Open the app on your mobile.

3. Key in the password which show on the back label

4. You’re able to check the device on the Rover APP now

How to check the current device WAN&LAN settings on the Rover app?

1. Click the NBG7510 icon and it will show up WAN&LAN IP on the page.

2. If you would like to do the advanced configuration on NBG7510, by clicking the LAN IP, you will redirect to the app login web page

How do I check the Wi-Fi and config the Wi-Fi settings?

1. Click the Wi-Fi icon

2.You can edit the Wi-Fi name and password on this page.
  To separate the 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi, you can tick off the option “Keep 2.4G and 5G name the same”. And click “Save” on the upper right corner.

How to check the connected device current status?

1. Click the “Connected Devices” or the icon “ 

Select the device which connected to NBG7510

When the device is connected with an Ethernet cable, the Connection Type is displayed as "Wired"

When the device is connected with Wi-Fi, the Connection Type is displayed as "Wireless"

You can check the currently WiFi Band and channel 

Using Parental Control to limit the device screen time.

1. Click the icon “" to set a schedule for the devices.

2. Create a profile 

You can define when will the schedule start to limit devices.
For example, you may allow children to access the internet after dinner, and block access after the bedtime.

Note: The Rover APP allows to set up multiple profiles, but the device are not allowed to add to different profiles.


Log in Web GUI> Theme > Security >Parental Control

1) Parental Control is enabled.

2) The profile is active

3) Blocking schedule is the same as the settings show on the Rover APP