NWA210AX wont unregister

I have an NWA210AX that I added to the wrong site, so I removed it in the app.  I then created a new location and tried to add it in, but it keeps telling me its already registered in my account.  Its nowhere to be found in the nebula app, but I see it in Myzyxel portal, and it wont allow me to remove it.  So because of this, the AP is useless.  Any ideas?

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    Hi @johnny5126
    If you remove AP from the wrong site,AP will be in your org.
    You can use the Nebula website to move AP to new site.
    Login in.
    Organization-wide>>Configure>>License & inventory>>device>>action>>change site assignment

     Change your AP to correct site

    If you need our help,could you give us your devices MAC Address and S/N numer(please give us device label image)?
    And give us your Org /Site name. We will help you to search the devices status.
    If you don't want to show it in public ,please PM me.
    Thank you

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