[NEBULA] Can I export NAP settings?

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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to export the complete settings of a site? If yes, please explain me how.
I want to have the settings in my documentation..

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  • TomorrowOcean
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    Are you talking about the running-config on the NAP?
    I think you may access your NAP via SSH and key "show running-config".

  • Zyxel_Barney
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    Hi @KevinV

    Welcome to the Nebula forum and apologies for the late reply!

    There is currently no function that allows you to download the entire settings of your Nebula site.

    But may I know why documentation of a site is necessary? Is this in case an unintentional setting was made and you need this document to trace back any mis-configurations? If so, why not use the Change Log page, instead?

    Change Log (ORGANIZATION > Monitor > Change log) details every configuration changes made in the Organization/Site.

    Also, if you expect to export the complete site settings, does this mean you will need to import complete site settings as well?

    Barney Gregorio

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