Zyxel c1100z 80/10 Service Question

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Service is 80/10, cleared stats recently (as you can tell) because I just finished installing alight motion the home-run to the modem, and I have the rest of the house disconnected for now. Stats are below. I get a retrain sometimes kinemaster 1-2 times in 24 hours or less. Sometimes there are 30-60 Near-End CRC errors. FEC might get into the hundreds. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • jamesanderson345

    The Zyxel C1100Z is a DSL modem/router that supports Internet service with a maximum speed of 80 Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps for uploads. It is commonly used for residential or small business connections to check the paints beast

    To set up and configure the Zyxel C1100Z modem/router for your 80/10 service, follow these general steps:

    1. Connect the hardware: Plug one end of a telephone cable into the DSL port on the back of the modem/router and the other end into the telephone wall jack. Connect your computer or wireless router to one of the LAN ports on the modem/router using an Ethernet cable.
    2. Power on the modem/router: Connect the power adapter to the modem/router and plug it into a power outlet. The modem/router will boot up, which may take a few minutes. Ensure that all the necessary lights on the device are lit up indicating a proper connection

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    Service is 80/10, cleared stats recently (as you can tell) because Boston Celtics Green Starter Varsity Jacket

  • jamickakaleso335

    t seems like you have a question regarding the Zyxel C1100Z modem/router in relation to a 80/10 service. The Zyxel C1100Z is a popular modem/router provided by some internet service providers, and 80/10 typically refers to an internet service plan with download and upload speeds of 80 Mbps and 10 Mbps, respectively to the Minikonlaw

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