noob - cannot login to router - locked out

I got a ax7501-b0 router from my provider yesterday. For as long as I remember, one of the first things I do with a new router is change the username and password. So I went into the normal way of things 198.186 etc and changed it easily. For some reason when I tried to go in again it locked me out. I did a factory reset - holding the reset button down until the device starts again and tried to log in with the default settings. Won´t let me in and I have tried several times resetting the router. 
I see the advice of; 

Step 1: Login to CLI mode.
Step 2: Change to config mode
Step 3: Execute the command

Router(config)# unlock lockout-users 192.168.1.x

192.168.1.x is the IP address that has been locked.

But I don´t even know how to start with this in cli (command prompt)

Any advice on how to get back into the router and change the username and password? I haven´t had stock router details for years!

It´s driving me crazy and any solutions or advice would be much appreciated. 

Many thanks, Peter

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    I don't know how the provider is "delivering" you the device.
    If they forced you to buy it, if it's their device and allows you to use their service or if it's leased.
    One way or another, should be "their device", not yours and probably the reset will likely don't allow you to connect to internet.
    Maybe with data and password, next to it, I could be able to configure it from scratch correctly, but that's quite unlikely. Most ISPs don't deliver configured devices, they deliver mint new boxes and the infrastructure will identify the device, upgraded it if necessary then configure correctly for your contract.
    So... asking the ISP is the fastest way to do the right thing and start the router again.

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