How to set VMG3625-T50B as Access Point?


This should be straightforward, I should be able to set the device in AP mode which would disable the router function and some others, providing wireless access to the network it is connected to.

However, when I go the Wireless->Operating Mode menu, select AP and apply, the device reboots and:
- Some menu entries are gone (OK)
- The Internet connection through the uplink router via the Wan port is not working (Not OK)
- The router function is still active (Not OK)
It seems like the device forces its own IP address which is not compatible with the network instead of getting one assigned by the uplink router. Furthermore, it keeps acting as a router while it shouldn't.

How to set this as a proper simple access point?

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    I'd follow these steps...
    • wrote down all the meaningful information from the router you will need
    • reset it to default
    • while is resetting, connect to your internet router, then verify if you have any address available, write it down. For this example, I will assume that will be the address of VMG3625-T50B.
    • once reset is done, don't connect VMG3625-T50B to internet, use only a PC or a laptop via lan to configure it
    • setup a static ip address on your PC into current VMG3625-T50B Lan subnet
    • if not already installed, before configure it, update your VMG3625-T50B with the latest firmware. Wait for the reboot
    • configure the IP address as (adapt your PC/laptop configuration if necessary), then disable DHCP, setup your wireless connection with at least WPA2-AES and with a proper password/passphrase.
      Save the configuration
    • Reboot VMG3625-T50B, be sure that your configuration stay operative.
    • Unplug lan cable from your PC/Laptop, restore DHCP client IP configuration.
    • Connect on yellow ports (LAN) your VMG3625-T50B, any device connected via Wireless Lan should be able to surf the web without issue
    • VMG3625-T50B will never connect to internet and won't be able to have automatically correct time.
      With this setup, the router will try to connect to internet via WAN (blue) port, but the configuration will never be fullfilled. Moreover, in router mode the device should not allow you to configure a gateway for the LAN.
    With this setup, you will be able to connect to the router anytime you want and every device connected will be part of the same LAN of your ISP Router.
    There are at least other two ways to achieve that, but IMVHO this is less than perfect, rather quite good one.

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