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I just bought Zyxel Armor G1 Multi-Gigabit AC2600 WiFi Router - . 1 x 2.5Gbps WAN  upgraded my xfinity modem Motorola  mb8611 I'm getting 1200 to 1400 down when directly connected  to my computer ..when I connect to my new Zyxel router i get 900 down 
I thoght this router would give full speeds  ..both cables I tested direcly to computer both got full speeds
...why doesnt  Zxyel router get my 1200 xfinty speeds? ...
Can someone recommended a router maybe zyxel router that will give me my full speed ? Thanks alot

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    The LAN ports are 1Gb so the best you see is 940Mb you can do a download test on two PC to slip the speed to max out the 2.5Gb WAN over two LAN ports.

    The G5 has a 2.5Gb WAN and a 10Gb LAN port

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    Hi @Rick37

    Armor G1 has 2.5G/1G Wan, LAN ports are all supported 1000M.
    The download speed would limit by the LAN ports.
    You can try with multiple sessions under LAN at a time, and check the throughput.

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