Content filter for single vlan only?

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Maybe this is the best place to ask:
Is it possible to have content filtering enabled to a single vlan only, or will all lans be affected when enabled?

Love the upgrade by the way! Thank you!

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  • itxnc
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    Can't believe the application and content filter profiles can't be assigned by firewall rule/VLAN. We've been using USG40/60 gateways for years and decided to try a couple NSG50s to gain the cloud management convenience. Blown away by how limited they are compared to the USGs in terms of configuration (despite having almost identical feature specs as the USGs). I had hoped maybe the more advanced configuration screens would be available in the local GUI but obviously not.

    The most common use case for us is strict content filter profile for public wireless VLAN and a less strict profile for LAN use. Or strict application patrol for employee smartphone wireless and less stringent for the LAN. Hope this gets added soon since the firewall certainly should be able to handle that. 
  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Hello @itxnc
    Thanks for your suggestion, the concept of NSG series is plug and play for the beginner, hence it still have the place to enhance and we have did it on every release patch. 
    About CF we're are still working on it for enhance the flexibility. Have hear what you needed, I'll move this request to our idea section.

    BTW, actually you can apply the application patrol to with the firewall rule just like USG.

    Create App patrol profile

    Apply to the firewall rule

  • itxnc
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    Thanks for the Tip on App Patrol. Certainly get the goal of making it easy for the beginner - but you also designed it for MSPs and we tend to need more advanced features for business clients. I hope down the road you have an Advanced mode for Nebula just like you have the Easy/Advanced GUI on the USGs.

    I'd be *thrilled* to migrate to NSGs from USGs if the configuration ability was there because of the central management/monitoring ability. We have a CNA100 which is great but still tedious to use/configure and the user interface is rough.
  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hi @ComNet & @itxnc

    Good news, the new Nebula interface now supports the selection of VLAN interfaces for the Content filtering application.

    Feel free to try it ?.

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