NWA50AX shows previous registration address not mine

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Hi I have recently bought a NWA50AX. Have got it working but says in nebula App on android,  "License problem found.  Click for detail"  >  Alert an Error is detected go to Nebula Control Centre for more information."
It also shows apostal address that is not mine as Device location.
When I go toNCC the AP is shown but no other info concerning the error message.

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    Dear customer,


    To support you better, please give us screenshots of announcement or alert there. In the case you register Nebula account is about 30days, your 30-trial Pro pack is expired and APP pop-out some message to let you know. You can continue use Nebula BASE pack – a license-free feature set/service with a rich set of management features without any payment or experience PLUS pack or PRO pack to access the more advance services or features available in Nebula by payment.

    The following is the quick link for FAQ that help you start your adventure on Nebula - Nebula CC/License part: https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/11453


    The initial AP address was judged via IP address. You can change the device location by going to Access point >> Monitor >> Access points >> Map, then move the AP icon to the new location. There is an announcement as “Device location updated” after you finish moving AP icon.


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