usgflex 100 connected with nwa1123

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I want to connect directly the nwa1123 on usgflex100. I have configured 2 vlan's on usgflex and assigned to 2 seperate wlan ssid. The problem, i get no connection to internet over the zywall. When i configured the ssid with vlan id 1, than iam connect. Is it a problem with a wrong port configuration?  Who can help me? 

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    Hi @Carsten_1234


    According to your description the topology should be as below, not sure if you have switch or not.



    If your USG FLEX acts as DHCP server, please configure the DHCP setting on the interfaces to assign IPs. The switch should setup all VLANs on both AP and USG connecting ports or configured as truck port to allow traffic.


    The AP’s role is forwarding the traffic to the wireless that SSID with configured vlan interface. The only step is to assign vlan on SSID, you can check this article for details.

    How to create an SSID on Standalone mode?


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