[ATP/FLEX] How to configure WAN Load Balancing on Nebula

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You have two Internet connections. If one interface's connection goes down, the gateway can automatically send its traffic through another interface. For example, when WAN1 is unavailable then OPT will take over. WAN1 will take back when it is available. In this example, we use the OPT Port of ATP100 as backup WAN.


Set Up WAN Load Balancing

Navigate to Configure > Firewall > Port. Create WAN Group 2 and assign P5 to it.

Navigate to Configure > Firewall > interface and set IP address for both interfaces.

Set IP address for both interfaces.

Navigate to Configure > Firewall > Routing. Turn on Backup interface and

select OPT as Backup interface.

Test result

Use traceroute to observe the result. When both WAN1 and OPT interface work, the second hop of the traffic is WAN1 gateway ( When WAN1 When the WAN1 fails to provide a connection, the second hop is OPT gateway (

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