NWA50AX does not connect to NWA210AX

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Hi. I have a setup in which 1 NWA210AX is wired to internet. I have a NWA50AX AP, which for some reason will not connect to the 210. Smart Mesh is enabled on both units.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Hi @hanlimburg

    If you have a mesh problem, you can refer to this article. How to set up smart mesh.
    Noted you have to put the repeater AP to wireless after both of your AP statuses are up to date. And make sure that your AP is the latest firmware. 

    If it still has the problem, please PM us your Nebula org and site name. And turn on Zyxel Support. You can follow the article How to enable Zyxel Support.
    Let us do a further survey for you.


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