NWA50AX as a mesh network

Hello, I have seen posts saying that you can use multiple NWA50AXes as a mesh network:

I recently installed a NWA50AX to create multiple APs so I could better control my children's internet access.  It is working great.  Everyone has there own Wi-Fi and the kid's shut off after 10pm.  I am upgrading to a fibre optic broadband and want to maximize the coverage on our house (3000 Sq Ft, 300m2).  It was suggested I install a mesh network, either the Deco or Nova.  But I am doubtful that these will be able to transmit all the various APs I've created.

So if I can buy another NWA50AX and create an acceptable mesh network, then I will be happy.  But I don't want to invest in another device unless I know that they will mesh properly.

I am open to any suggestions.  Thank you

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    Hello @irlbri

    Yes, our smart mesh can help you cover the area where you don’t have an Ethernet cable. (Noted AP still needs power.) You can follow the article you previous said 
    Please Noted you have to put the repeater AP to wireless after both of your AP status are “up to date”. And make sure your AP is upgraded to the latest firmware.

    On the other hand, if you can let the AP has the Ethernet cable, you don’t need the mesh function. The network will be stable and high-performance because using mesh means your station has to cross two AP so that it can go to the Internet. It will have performance lost normally.

    Finally, if you can share your situation, we can help you do further deployment analysis.


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