My USG FLEX 200 won’t register on Nebula

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i tried to register  my USG Flex to nebula but when I get the email with the link it opens Safari and nothing happens. Even when I use chrome it hangs. 

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    Hi @Mkdelta
    In ZTP process, the PC connected to LAN port of FLEX200 is required.
    After clicking the ZTP_link, the system will auto provision the general interface setting those you configured on Nebula server.

    You can click reset button on your FLEX200 to reset system as default configuration.
    After booting up, then you can click the link to initial ZTP process again.
    Since the Link IP address is (
    Maybe there is no on your FLEX200, so nothing happened. 
    You may refer to video to perform your FLEX200 as Nebula mode.

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